Whether you are moving back to Roscommon or moving here for the first time, there are a number of local services which may assist with your queries.

Your query may relate to how to find childcare, how do you enroll in local schools, accessing services of the local council which range from services such as arts, libraries, setting up a business and much more.


All the information you need for your childcare needs in County Roscommon is available on

Schools and Colleges

County Roscommon is very well served with primary and second levels schools. Children generally start primary school at 4-5 years of age and there are eight classes in primary school from Junior infants, Senior infants up to 6th class. Children generally start secondary school at 12-13 years of age.

Primary and secondary schools can be contacted directly to arrange enrolment. Details of the County’s schools can be found on the following link:


All health services are provided under the Health Services Executive (HSE). The HSE have oversight of all health services from hospitals, supports for children with special needs, local GP services, clinics for eye, ear and other health services as well as health promotion and other support services.

Roscommon County Council

Roscommon County Council provides a wide range of services from taxing your car, seeking planning permission for new house, joining the local library, finding out about grants for starting a business, recycling or getting involved in your local community to name just a few.

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