While house prices have started to rise in Roscommon and across the country, County Roscommon still remains a very affordable option.


Local auctioneers and local papers are the two main sources of information on buying or renting a house in County Roscommon.

Typical House Prices

House prices over the last 3 years are listed here for County Roscommon based on House Price Survey of the Irish Independent.

House Type201720182019
3-bed semi-detached €105,000 €115,000€125,000
4-bed estate house€125,000 €135,000€145,000
3-bed bungalow €132,000 €110,000€160,000
4-bed bungalow €155,000€175,000 €185,000
2-bed apartment€48,000€60,000 €70,000
2-bed terrace €65,000€75,000 €85,000
3-bed terrace€95,000€105,000 €115,000
House Type201720182019
4-bed estate house€85,000€100,000€110,000
3-bed bungalow€95,000€150,000€120,000
4-bed bungalow€145,000 €165,000 €175,000
Holiday home €70,000€80,000 €90,000

Housing Supports

Details of housing supports available in County Roscommon through Roscommon County council are available on:

Planning Information

If you are looking at building or change of use of a property in Roscommon, Roscommon County Council’s website provides some useful information on the steps you need to take to start your journey:

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