It is always great to see people of Roscommon origin or new people coming to our county and often experience in other countries brings new skills and expertise.

Our research for The Global Rossie Strategy has highlighted that the decision to move home or to Roscommon is often a family decision with broader considerations to be taken into account, such as jobs for two people, childcare schools etc. The decision to move to Roscommon could be for a variety of reasons. You may have family you want to live closer to, or perhaps you’ve decided that you would like your children to attend the same school that you or your family before you went to.

Or simply, you just want to be in our wonderful County Roscommon.

Getting Started

There are a range of helpful services available to ease the transition to living in Ireland.

Finding a Home

County Roscommon offers and excellent quality of life and still remains a very affordable option.

Local Services

Find out about local services available in Roscommon including childcare, schools and colleges.

Things to do

Roscommon has thriving active communities, sports and recreation and lots of places to visit on the doorstep.